Hubbell Power Systems 22301 Aluminum Top-Opening Handline Block


This is the gear professional climbers use to get tools and hardware up and down from up high. Lightweight, but strong — rated for 1,250 pounds. The top opens to save you a lot of effort should rigging down below get snarled, or you just want to change lines while at altitude. If your rope is rigged with thimbles or spliced-in loops on the ends, a top-opening block is a must.



Hubbell Power Systems 22301 Aluminum Top-Opening Handline Block Light-weight cast-aluminum housing and sheave, with a hinged, cotterlock yoke and either forged steel or steel meat hook, makes for quick, easy rigging in diversified applications. Hand line and block and tackle efficiency is increased with a forged steel swivel-eye suspension ring and a three-inch sheave operating on bronze oilite bearings. Maximum rope size is 5/8″; maximum load capacity is 1,250 pounds 3″ Aluminum Alloy Snatch Block Top-Opening with Safety Snap Hook Rated: 1250 lbs. Weight: 3 lbs

For heavier loads, consider getting two so you can rig one at the bottom of the tower to allow your ground crew to pull horizontally.