Peakworks Fall Protection Full Body Safety Harness with Positioning Belt, Padded Lumbar Support, Back & Side D-Rings, Grommet Leg Buckles, Hi Vis Green/Black


The most important pieces of tower safety equipment are the Fall Arrest Harness and the lanyards that work with it to a) arrest the fall and b) keep you in position to do the work you went up there to do.

Thus Peakworks harness is a positioning harness. For occasional tower work, this harness should be adequate. It will not be as comfortable as a 3M DBI-Sala X300, but it is considerably less expensive.



    • D-ring: Designed to protect you during a fall-related situation, this safety belt includes 1 D-ring located on the back of the belt, used as the primary fall restraint attachment with 2 lanyard parks on chest strap for easy storage
    • Belt: Integrated features in the safety belt include 2 side D-rings for any positioning application (easily adjust the position of the harness)
    • Padded: Padding makes the harness more comfortable and adds a layer of protection in the event of a fall; Padded lumbar support is added to eliminate any discomfort from the weight of tool pouches providing added convenience during long hours of wear
    • Removable: Thanks to its compact design and lightweight yet sturdy construction, the product is easy to use on the go and easy to travel with; The waist belt is designed to be removable so users can add their favorite tool pouches with ease.
    • Certified: This product meets OSHA standards, is certified to ANSI Z359.11 and CSA Z359.10 standards & is typically used for inspection work, construction, demolition & maintenance.