UP THE TOWER: The Complete Guide To Tower Construction


Before you go up the tower, get UP THE TOWER!




UP THE TOWER: The Complete Guide To Tower Construction

With professional tower experience on over 200 amateur stations and dozens of commercial radio sites, Steve Morris, K7LXC, has taken all of his hard-earned lessons and put them all in one comprehensive book. It’s almost 250 pages of facts, techniques, hardware and lots of answers to your tower construction questions. Here’s a sampling of what hams are saying about UP THE TOWER:

“Up The Tower arrived all okay in Tasmania and lives up to expectations as a good reference source. Thanks for a very valuable book.”
— Martin Luther VK7GN

“The book arrived in today’s mail…it’s absolutely WONDERFUL.”
— Paul Geerdes K8JJC

“I have just finished reading your new book Up the Tower for the third time. I keep re-reading it to make sure that I am not missing any of the pieces of great advice. I think that the book is ‘super.’ The book is concisely written and covers just about any question that you could have with regard to tower installation.”
— Steve Ellsworth KE5DYY

“Received book and it is great. Thanks a lot.”
— John Hunt K7XE

“I just received my Up The Tower copy and am thrilled. I’ve got lots of reading and learning ahead of me. Thanks for an informative book.”
— Ron Calhoun NX5D

“Your new book is a great collection of valuable information all in one place. This is essential reading for anyone thinking of their first tower project! And tower-experienced hams will also learn some new things.”
— Mark Aaker K6UFO

“Obviously a great deal of research involved. I will use it as a reference book.”
— Tom Taormina K5RC

Read the National Contest Journal’s review of UP THE TOWER.

  1. Do You Really Need A Tower?
  2. Antenna Supports
  3. Planning
  4. Land Use Regulations Of Amateur Radio Towers
  5. Other Regulatory Concerns
  6. Neighbors
  7. Hire Someone Or Do It Yourself?
  8. Documentation
  9. Collecting The Hardware
  10. Corrosion
  11. Foundation And Guy Anchors
  12. Safety And Safety Equipment ( See Sample )
  13. Ground Crew ( See Sample )
  14. Toolbox ( See Sample )
  15. Carabiners And Slings
  16. Ropes, Knots And Rope Management
  17. Guy Wires
  18. Tower Erection
  19. Masts
  20. Coaxial Cable
  21. Weatherproofing
  22. Rotators
  23. Installing Beams
  24. Grounding
  25. Building A Single Tower Station
  26. Be Kind To Your Trees
  27. Tree Installations
  28. The Ten Year Plan
  29. Refurbishing A Tower
  30. Maintenance And Annual Inspection
  31. When Something Fails
  32. Tower Removal
  33. Antennas
  34. Working On A Crank-up
  35. A Few Final Tips



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