PreLube 6 Cable Penetrating Wire Rope and Chain Preservative Lubricant


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The premier lubricant for lubricating crank-up tower cables. Works great on pulleys and other moving metal parts. It stops squeaks, removes moisture, prevents rust and penetrates the strands of the cable. PreLube 6 contains rust inhibiting polymers in a penetrating oil to provide a thin, transparent lubricating film against corrosion. 12 oz. spray can.

Formulated for the protection of aircraft carrier arresting systems, PreLube 6 preservative-lubricant has met the test of time for critical use applications requiring a water displacing, penetrating, preservative lubricant. PreLube 6 forms a non-drying film that resists corrosion caused by salt, moisture and acid. It penetrates to the core of the wire rope or chain to provide inner-strand lubricity that fills the cavities to provide superior coating that extends the life of wire rope, chain and moving parts. PreLube 6 does not contain solvents and is composed of 100% active ingredients.

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